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Whether You’re At A Campground With The Family Or Hiking The Appalachian Trail Solo, These Lights Will Guide You Through The Dark

When you're out camping with your family or friends the fun often continues well past dark. When you have to leave the light of the campfire to get more s'mores materials or set up the tent, you'll want one of these camping lights illuminating your path.


1. Energizer Headlamp 100 Lumens -HDA32E 

For swapping spooky campfire stories or games of ghosts in the graveyard, Energizer’s 100-lumen headlamp is perfect. The light construction, 50 hours of run time, and two brightness levels make it a great general-purpose headlight for kids to use around the campsite without blinding parents with sudden blasts of light.

2. Energizer Headlamp 200 Lumens - HDBIN32E

When the fire gets low and it’s your turn to go find firewood, the Energizer Vision HD Headlight will give you the visibility you need to scour the forest floor and get you back to your friends before the boogeymen nab you.

200 lumens of LED, spot and floodlight settings, and 8 hours of runtime on max brightness make this light a great tool for getting camp tasks done once the sun goes down.

3. Energizer Vision HD+ LED Headlamp - 250 Lumens HDC32E

Serious hikers and backcountry campers will love the Energizer Vision HD+’s 250-lumen max setting and up to 50 hours of spot and floodlight illumination. When your adventures take you deep into the bush and you’re all alone this is the headlight you want lighting your path until the tent goes up and the fire gets built.

4. Energizer Vision Ultra 400 lumen Headlamp HDE32E

For any situation you might encounter at the campsite, fishing spot, or hunting shack, the Energizer Vision Ultra 400 lumen has you covered. This headlight is loaded with features including up to 20 hrs runtime for up to 80 meters, multiple brightness, spot and flood, and a low battery indicator.

5. Energizer® LED Mini Pop-Up Lantern with Light Fusion Technology - ENFPU41E

When the Boy Scouts of America need a 360-degree area light in a compact package, they go with the LED Mini Pop-Up Lantern with Light Fusion Technology. This little lantern has an adjustable brightness that delivers up to 165 lumens to any tent or campsite for 100 hours.

With a handle that is perfect for carrying or hanging, this mini-lantern is one of the most versatile and portable that Battery Products carries.

6. Energizer Weatheready Emergency LED Safety Light - WRESAL35

Sometimes a leisurely weekend unplugging and relaxing in nature takes an unexpected turn. Be prepared with the Energizer Weatheready Emergency LED Safety Light. Keep it in the back of the truck or camper in case inclement weather, car trouble, or other unpleasant surprises force you to extend your stay in the wild.

On its lowest setting, this rugged emergency light will keep you out of the dark for 650 hours (that’s nearly a month of continuous illumination!). At its highest setting, this lantern will deliver 500 lumens to completely flood a camper, campsite, or forest with bright LED light.

7. Streamlight Siege Lantern - Coyote 44931

The Streamlight Siege Lantern in Coyote Brown is a serious lighting option for bright area light and a long runtime. On its brightest setting, the Siege will run for 30 hours at 340 lumens, and on its lowest setting, it will provide 295 hours of uninterrupted illumination.

For preserving night vision in an emergency a red LED will provide low-light illumination for up to 430 hours. Durable polymer and a buoyant body that can be submerged up to a meter make the Streamlight Siege one of the toughest lanterns for camping on the market.

8. Streamlight Super Siege Rechargeable Lantern - 44945

If you thought the Siege sounded tough, check out the Streamlight Super Siege. At its brightest illumination, the Super Siege will run for 5 hours at 1100 lumens. The Super Siege also surpasses the siege in terms of versatility with a rechargeable battery and the ability to charge USB devices off of it.

In emergencies, 4 red LEDs can be used to preserve night vision, as well as a flashing SOS mode to signal help.