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Buy Batteries and Streamlight Flashlights Online from a Family-Owned Battery Warehouse

When we started Battery Products, Inc. in 1984, the battery world was a very different place. There were plenty of battery-operated household products, but most of these took standard-sized 9-volt, AA, AAA, C or D batteries, or sometimes 6-volt Lantern batteries.

These are still popular battery types today, but the landscape for battery-operated devices has changed significantly over the last three decades. Batteries today power a lot more than flashlights, pocket calculators and VCR remotes.

Modern technology runs on powerful, modern batteries.

Many of today’s most popular consumer electronics devices run on purpose-built batteries developed specifically for the device it powers. Advances in rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology leverage the power density of lithium into safe, compact batteries capable of powering cell phones or laptops for hours at a time.

The old standard sizes still exist, of course, but modern single-charge batteries are lighter and far more powerful than their alkaline counterparts. Energizer Advanced Lithium AA batteries can power some digital cameras for up to 8x longer compared to alkaline batteries.

Battery Products has watched the progression happen for more than 30 years. Through it all we’ve always provided our customers with the products and expertise you need to keep your battery-powered devices in optimum working condition.

Best of all, no one can beat us on price. Our suppliers know we’ll move the most products, so we get better prices from them. We pass that savings off to you, because you shouldn’t have to pay more to get the same batteries.

Buy Rechargeable Batteries Online for Less

Battery Products carries primary and rechargeable batteries appropriate for all applications at unbeatable prices available for purchase online.

The first rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries were invented in 1859 and primarily used to provide electricity on trains.

Early consumer-grade nickel-cadmium (NiCad) rechargeable batteries struggled to compete with alkaline batteries in the 1980s. NiCad batteries output 20% less voltage than alkalines and were often cost-prohibitive. Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) became popular in the rechargeable market in the 1990s but face the same voltage limitation as NiCads.

The relative low cost and fast recharging rate NiMH batteries in standard sizes from AA to 9V makes them remain an attractive option for use in frequent-use and heavy-drain portable electronics.

Sony introduced some of the first commercial lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries in 1991. Today, rechargeable lithium batteries are the standard for cell phones, laptops and digital devices.

Battery Products, Inc. will continue to be Your Battery Source long into the future, through the next evolution in battery technology and beyond.

Streamlight Flashlights for Sale at Battery Products, Inc.

The number-one choice for police officers, Streamlight flashlights are the best, brightest and most durable flashlights available today. Battery Products is Wisconsin’s top Streamlight distributor and we’ve brought our incredible value on the full line of Streamlights to our online store.

There’s a Streamlight for every situation. Whether you need a trusty torch for hunting and fishing, a high-performance tactical flashlight or an emergency light to stash in the glove box, ask Battery Products to help pick out the right flashlight for you.

All Streamlight flashlights, excluding Sidewinder and Sidewinder Compact Series, are sold under limited lifetime warranty, served through us or directly from the manufacturer.

Battery Products, Inc. provides same-day shipping on most orders when you order batteries online before 3 PM Central Time Monday through Friday.