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When it comes to flashlights, Streamlight is the cream of the crop. With long-lasting charges, high-quality performance, and affordable pricing, Streamlight flashlights are perfect for firefighters, campers, hunters, and everything in between. Learn more about the batteries behind the magic in our list of the top 6 batteries for your Streamlight flashlight:

1. Streamlight Battery Stick 75375

Works with: Streamlight stinger flashlights

This ever-popular model is a durable replacement for other Ni-MH batteries, with a tough, lasting lifespan. When other batteries lose their charge, the 75375 picks up the slack. Up to 1,000 recharge cycles. 4-6 years shelf life. More than 2x the voltage of a typical alkaline primary cell. Need we say more?

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2. Streamlight Strion Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Stick 74175

Works with: Streamlight Strion Flashlights

The Streamlight 74175 is built for safety, efficiency, and longevity—and it shows. This battery provides reliable power for a minimum of 300 charge cycles. The lithium-ion battery is efficient and effective, with a 3.75 voltage and a 2-year battery life. When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, the 74175 from Battery Products is unbeatable.

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3. Streamlight Rechargeable Battery Stick 77175

Works with: SL-20XP-LEDUltraStinger flashlights, and SuperStinger flashlights

The Streamlight 77175 rechargeable battery is best known for its long-lasting battery life. This model has gained popularity among law enforcement as a reliable shift-to-shift power source. This 6V, fully rechargeable battery perseveres through heavy use for days at a time, providing reliable results time and time again.

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4. Energizer 123A Photo Lithium Battery CR123

Works with: Streamlight flashlights, Scorpion, Twin-Task, Nightfighter, Tactical, TLR-1

The Energizer CR123 battery was designed for durability, with leak-proof construction and the ability to withstand temperatures from -40 to 140°. While not rechargeable, this battery set lasts up to 10 years in storage with peak performance, making it handy to have for both long-term use and last-minute replacements.

This is bar none the best replacement battery for Streamlight flashlights and weapon lights

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5. Streamlight 18650 Button Top LI-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Works with: Streamlight ProTac flashlightsPolyTac flashlights

The all-new Streamlight 18650 debuted earlier in 2018 and is already one of Streamlight’s most popular batteries. Described as the “USB battery that reinvents rechargeability,” the model acts as a rechargeable CR123A battery. With 3.7V and 500 recharge cycles, the Streamlight 18650 is the perfect blend of value and performance for use with the ProTac and PolyTac Streamlight flashlight series.   

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6. Streamlight 77375 UltraStinger Ni-MH

Works with: UltraStinger LED flashlightsSuperStinger series

This 6V NiMh battery is the perfect replacement battery for long-lasting results. The 5-cell Streamlight 77375 can be recharged up to 1,000 times for a constant, reliable power source. When you need it most, the Streamlight 77375 is a battery perfect for everything from camping to police flashlights. 

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Streamlight Flashlight Batteries — Q&A

What kind of batteries do Streamlight flashlights use?

Many Streamlight flashlights use a Nickel Cadmium or Lithium-Ion battery, allowing for powerful illumination and recharging capabilities. But ultimately, it depends on the model of your Streamlight flashlight.

How long do Streamlight batteries last?

Much like battery type, Streamlight battery longevity depends on both the kind of battery and the flashlight model. Streamlight’s rechargeable batteries have been known to last for over a decade.

Do Streamlight products have a lifetime warranty?

Streamlight flashlights come with a lifetime warranty from Streamlight. However, Streamlight batteries don’t. Streamlight batteries have a 2-year warranty with proof of purchase; improperly handled batteries do not qualify for the warranty.

How long do you charge a Streamlight Stinger?

Each Streamlight flashlight has unique charging requirements. To achieve a full charge, the Streamlight Stinger should take around 10 hours—2.5 hours for fast charging. After charging is complete, the Stinger should run for over an hour.

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