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Hopefully, at this point you don’t have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors that keep beeping and chirping all over the house with low batteries. If so, you’ve let it go too long and you should really run to the store immediately and get them replaced ASAP.

Otherwise we recommend stocking up on the three 9 volt batteries below and replacing regularly to keep everyone in your house a little bit safer.

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1. EN22 Energizer Industrial Alkaline 9V Battery

EN22 Best 9 Volt Battery for Smoke Detectors
EN22 Energizer Industrial Alkaline 9V Battery
Reg: $2.95

The industry favorite 9-volt battery for battery-operated smoke alarms from a mega-brand – this is one of the very best 9v batteries for smoke detectors. Also a great option for wireless microphones, guitar pedals, in-ear monitors, radios, security back-up systems and all sorts of different uses.

The only difference between Energizer Industrial and what you'll find in the store is the way it's packaged. Industrials come in cardboard boxes rather than annoying blister packaging. These are cheaper, less of a hassle and every bit as powerful as the Energizers you'll find hanging on the hooks at checkout.

2. 1222 Eveready 1.5V Super Heavy Duty 9V Battery

Eveready 1222 Best 9V Batteries for Smoke Detectors
1222 Eveready 1.5V Super Heavy Duty 9V Battery
Reg: $1.95

Eveready’s Original smoke detector battery. A solid inexpensive option—perfect to buy in bulk and have a pile in the closet somewhere to swap in every 6 months or so. A tried and true 9V battery for promotions, giveaways or group handouts.

Replacement frequency will be pretty high as the shelf life isn’t as long as higher quality batteries, but for homeowners willing to get up on a ladder or stool a bit more often, the Eveready 1222 is a solid option to save a few bucks.

3. LA522 Energizer 9V Advanced Lithium Battery

LA522 Energizer Best Lithium 9V Battery for Smoke Detectors
1222 Eveready 1.5V Super Heavy Duty 9V Battery
Reg: $14.95

The highest quality, longest life battery on this list – with the highest price. These are super tough and durable batteries used in medical devices and high tech alarm systems. A great option for hard to reach places like a high ceiling.

When changing the fire alarm battery is a real chore, this is your best choice. Save a few bucks buying other 9 volt batteries for easier spots and spend a bit more on a LA522 for the fire alarm tucked in a corner above the stairs. The LA522 will last a lot longer.

Energizer says a 10-year shelf life, but we wouldn’t recommend waiting that long. The LA522 9V battery will pretty safely get you 6-7 years. But again, always err on the side of caution and replace fire alarm batteries more frequently as your budget allows.

Which type of / what size battery do I need for my smoke detectors?

Usually, the smoke alarm battery will be AA (cylinder shape) or 9V (rectangular shape) depending on the year manufactured. The battery type should be displayed prominently somewhere on the battery itself.

If you need help replacing or can’t figure out how to remove there are replacement service providers out there who can give you a hand. Not a bad idea when alarms are up in high ceilings or hard to reach places. Sometimes detectors are electric-powered and hardwired – in which case you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries.

How often should I change the batteries in my smoke detectors?

You’ll find smoke detectors on the market promising a 10-year sealed battery or 10 years of battery life – wrong. Don’t put your family’s safety in the care of a longshot marketing promise. Forget the manufacturer’s suggested battery life.

Temperature, installation location & how well alarms are cleaned and maintain affect the life of the battery. Replacement age depends on a number of factors and 10 years is by far more the exception than the rule.

Swap in new batteries to your smoke alarms every six months to a year and sleep like a baby. It’s common for people to change their batteries every time they change the clocks backward or forwards. Whatever works for you.

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