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Streamlight Vulcan
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Streamlight Fire Vulcan LED 44450 - AC/DC, Dual Rear LEDs #080926-44450-8 for sale Streamlight Fire Vulcan LED 44450 - AC/DC, Dual Rear LEDs
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Streamlight 44311 Vulcan 180 Front View Streamlight Vulcan 180 Firefighting Lantern - 44311
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44301 Vulcan 180 Flashlight for Sale Streamlight Vulcan 180 Industrial AC/12v DC - 44301
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Vulcan 180 - li-ion Battery -  44351 for sale online Vulcan 180 - li-ion Battery - 44351

Vulcan Series Rechargeable Lanterns

The Streamlight Vulcan Rechargeable Lantern is not only a crucial tool for firefighting scenarios but also proves invaluable in emergency situations. Its powerful illumination and durable design make it an ideal choice for search and rescue operations, providing reliable visibility in challenging environments. Whether used by first responders or outdoor enthusiasts, the versatility of the Vulcan series ensures it's well-equipped to meet the diverse lighting needs of those facing critical situations. 

LED or Halogen Lanterns

Engineered to optimize lighting in harsh environments, Streamlight's Vulcan series lanterns provide firefighters with high-powered illumination when it matters most. Delivering an intense 80,000-candela beam up to 150 lumens, these lights feature state-of-the-art LEDs or replaceable halogen bulbs and offer strobe and steady modes to slash through smoke. With strategic safety features like blinking tail lights, the durable Vulcan lanterns represent Streamlight's commitment to providing superb lighting tools for firefighters confronting extreme conditions. 

Streamlight Vulcan Replacement Batteries

Streamlight Vulcan flashlights have a classic look that deserves a classic battery. When the power is out, make sure you have backup batteries to power up the Vulcan. Check out the best Vulcan flashlight batteries.

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