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Brightest Streamlight Hand Held Rechargeable Flashlight

The Ultrastinger® LED is the brightest handheld Streamlight flashlight.

...in terms of both lumens and candela—but at about a foot long, it might not be the most convenient tool to carry around. Here’s a list of Streamlight's brightest standard handheld flashlights:

Streamlight modelLumensCandelaBeamRun timeLengthPrice
Ultrastinger® LED 1,100 65,000 510m 1h 30m 11.82" from $130.25
Stinger DS® HPL 800 48,000 310m 1h 30m 9.65" from $120.99
Stinger® HPL LED 800 48,000 310m 1h 30m 9.23" from $112.94
Strion® HPL LED 700 44,000 420m 1h 15m 7.00" from $88.57
ProTac HL® 3 1,100 36,000 379m 2h 7.1" from $95.00
Polystinger DS® LED
385 26,000 322m 2h 8.64" from $105.05
Polystinger® LED
385 26,000 322m 2h 8.07" from $82.08
Stinger DS® LED 350 24,000 310m 2h 8.85" from $105.26
Stinger® LED 350 24,000 310m 2h 8.41" from $99.95
Stinger DS LED HL® 800 22,000 297m 2h 8.85" from $120.10
Stinger LED HL® 800 22,000 297m 2h 8.41" from $110.18
ProTac HL® 750 18,300 270m 1h 15m 5.4" from $89.87
Strion LED HL® 700 12,000 219m 1h 15m 5.90" from $95.83
ProTac HL® USB 850 10,000 200m 1h 30m 6.5" from $129.95

** All values are based on the highest power setting. Sorted by candela.

We stock some of the brightest Streamlight flashlights made.

"Brightest" is really a subjective term. What kind of bright? The best answer depends on the kind of flashlight you’re looking for. A Streamlight flashlight to mount on a weapon? For search and rescue? To fight fires? Or just something reliable and handheld? The easiest way to think about it is in terms of lumens and candela:

Lumens: the total output of the bulb (focus not considered).

Candela: the measure of the brightest spot in a focused beam.

If you’re looking to illuminate a large room or field, you’ll want to favor lumens (ProTac HL 3 or Ultrastinger). If you want an extremely bright focused beam, favor candela (Ultrastinger, Stinger HPL, or DS HPL).


The brightest Streamlight flashlight - by candela

Brightest Streamlight Flashlight in Candela

The Stinger HPL is one of the brightest Streamlight flashlights in terms of candela.

It's the Ultrastinger® LED. But your next best options for smaller sizes are:

The Stinger HPL and Stinger DS HPL both boast a max candela of 48,000.

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The brightest Streamlight flashlight by lumens

Brightest Streamlight Flashlight in Lumens

The ProTac HL USB is one of the brightest Streamlight flashlights in terms of lumens.

Again, after the Ultrastinger LED the next brightest Streamlight flashlight is:

The ProTac HL USB is capable of 850 lumens at the highest power setting. At only 10,000 candelas it's the least intense beam making the list. 

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What about other special types of Streamlight flashlights?

These Streamlight flashlights aren't going to fit comfortably on your belt, but they pack a big punch. Here are some of Streamlight's brightest specialty flashlights:

Streamlight modelLumensCandelaBeamRun timeLength
HID Litebox
flashlight 45620
3,350 1,000,000 N/A 1h 45m 14.9"
Waypoint Rechargeable
flashlight 44900
1,000 115,000 490m 6h 6.75"
Vulcan® 180 LED
lantern / flashlight
1,200 75,000 548m 4h 45m 7.43"
Portable Scene Light
flashlight 45670
5,300 42,000 410m 4h 22"
E-Flood Litebox HL
flashlight 45806
5,300 31,000 352m 1h 45m 12.3"

Brightest Streamlight Flashlights for Emergency Services

Streamlight flashlights are notorious for their bright, dependable light, and are trusted by emergency professionals everywhere. Streamlight offers a wide variety of flashlights and headlamps for policemen, firefighters, first responders, and other professionals. From the simplest of keychain lights to the power of our Vulcan line of vehicle-mounted systems, Battery Products carries all of the Streamlight supplies that you need. We inventory a whole host of replacement Streamlight batteries and accessories. Not sure how bright of a Streamlight flashlight you need? No worries. Battery Products is here to help in any way that we can. We will be more than willing to answer questions about any of our products and help you find exactly what you need.

Brightest Streamlight Tactical Flashlights for Firearms

Streamlight is well known for its heavy-duty, radiantly bright tactical flashlights for modern firearms. Battery Products is a proud supplier of Streamlight, rail-mounted, tactical lights for both handguns and long guns alike.  Our LED weapon-mounted lights can quickly attach and detach from your weapon in seconds, and are designed to help you navigate rooms and other dark areas in any tactical situation.  Streamlight flashlights have all of the power and bright illumination that you need in a worst-case scenario and are one of the wisest upgrades that any firearm enthusiast can invest in.

Brightest Streamlight Flashlights for Disaster Kits

Here at Battery Products, we understand that a high-quality flashlight, headlamp, or other high-beam light source is one of the most essential components of any emergency disaster kit.  Some of our brightest products include:

Brightest Flashlights

Brightest Headlamps

Brightest Liteboxes

All Streamlight flashlights.