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C Batteries
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Wholesale Duracell C Batteries Duracell Procell Alkaline C Batteries - PC1400 Bulk Pricing
$1.75 Save up to 17% on Bulk Orders
Energizer Industrial Alkaline C Batteries (EN93) - bulk pricing #EN93 online Energizer Industrial Alkaline C Batteries (EN93) - bulk pricing
$1.25 Save up to 35% on Bulk Orders
Eveready 1.5V Super Heavy Duty C Batteries Eveready 1.5V Super Heavy Duty C Batteries
$0.96 Save up to 39% on Bulk Orders
Out of Stock
Free Shipping
Rayovac ALC-12PPJ for sale online Rayovac ALC-12PPJ
Rayovac ALC-12PPJ
Out of Stock
Rayovac 814-12PP Alkaline C Pro Pack Batteries (12PK) - Bulk Pricing #814-12PP for sale online Rayovac 814-12PP Alkaline C Pro Pack Batteries (12PK) - Bulk Pricing

Retail Giants Can't Beat Our Bulk C Cell Battery Prices Bulk C Batteries for Sale

Don't waste time and money running to Costco or Walmart every month for C Cell batteries. Battery Products offers bulk C Cell batteries for wholesale prices so you have more time and spend less money. Big box stores cannot compete with our bulk prices on Duracell and Energizer batteries. 

Place a Bulk Battery Order

Buying C batteries in bulk for:

  • High-Power Toys
  • Flashlights
  • Musical Instruments
  • Clocks

Choosing the best C Batteries

C batteries are known for their extended life and high-performance efficiency. Battery Products offers a variety of C batteries with unique strengths and advantages for certain uses.

The Energizer Industrial Alkaline C Batteries are a fantastic all-around C-cell battery. They are especially ideal to buy in bulk due to their ability to be stored for long periods of time without compromising performance when the time comes. They hold a 10-year shelf life and are perfect for use in emergency flashlights, storm shelters and camping lanterns.

The Duracell Procell C Alkaline batteries are one of the best-performing C batteries for extreme weather on the market today. Rated for temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C) and as high as 129.2°F (54°C), they are ideal batteries for flashlights or tools stored in work vans or trucks overnight or items kept in outdoor sheds.

Don't wait - make sure you have batteries on hand when you need them most

Replacing your C-cell batteries likely won’t be at the top of your mind until it’s too late, and you don’t want to have to make a run to a store every time a C battery runs out. Order C-cell batteries in bulk at wholesale prices from Battery Products.

Long Lasting C Batteries from Battery Products

Battery Products provides the widest range of high-performance C-cell batteries for all applications. Don’t leave yourself without C batteries when you need them most. Discover C battery bulk pricing options from Battery Products so you always have a reserve of dependable, long-lasting C batteries at the best price.

Skip the lines, shop all bulk batteries for sale from Battery Products.