Streamlight Keychain Flashlights

Streamlight KeyMate 72001
Streamlight Key-Mate with White LEDs - Black 72001 72001
Retail price: $17.72
You save $7.94!

Streamlight Nano Light LED 73001
Streamlight Nano Light with White LED - Black 73001 73001
Retail price: $10.73
You save $4.80!

Streamlight MicroStream White 66318
Streamlight MicroStream White LED - Black 66318 66318
Retail price: $30.45
You save $13.67!

Streamlight CuffMate 63001
Streamlight CuffMate with Batteries 63001 63001
Retail price: $20.83
You save $9.34!

Streamlight Nano 73002
Streamlight Blue Nano 73002 73002
Retail price: $12.90
You save $5.78!

Streamlight Nano 73003
Streamlight Pink Nano 73003 73003
Retail price: $12.90
You save $5.78!

Streamlight Nano 73005
Streamlight Red Nano 73005 73005
Retail price: $12.90
You save $5.78!


LED Keychain Flashlights and Batteries from Streamlight

Personalize your keychain with a colorful miniature LED flashlight sold online from Streamlight. Available in four colors, these flashlights offer you the light source you need on walks alone at night or on your way to your car after work or a show. These keychain flashlights run on A74 batteries and are small enough to fit comfortably in any pocket. Aside from being smart backup options for homeowners, college students, and construction workers everywhere, the colorful LED keychain flashlights from Streamlight provide you with the opportunity to give back.

If you purchase a blue LED flashlight online from Streamlight, $1 dollar is donated by Streamlight to Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. C.O.P.S. focuses on making a difference in the lives of surviving families and co-workers left behind by law enforcement officers who were lost in the line of duty. If you choose the pink LED flashlight for your keychain, you will be contributing to the fight against breast cancer. With 85% of the total collective funds made with sold pink LED keychain flashlights going towards research grants and awareness programs, you’ll be helping make the world a better place. If the red LED flashlight is your favorite choice, Streamlight donates $1 to The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. This cause is based on the development and expansion of programs made to honor and remember America’s lost fire heroes. Aside from these keychain flashlights, Battery Products has a number of other light tools sold online, including:

Batteries for Keychain Flashlights

At Battery Products, we offer a wide selection of replacement batteries for Streamlight flashlights. For these keychain flashlights, small A74 batteries do the job.

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