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Streamlight High Lumens Series Flashlights

High lumens flashlights, while they are not practical for all situations, are ideal when a large amount of light is needed.  Thankfully, Streamlight makes HL lights from 300 – 1,100 lumens, and lanterns up to 3,600 lumens!  The Streamlight Waypoint features up to 1,800 feet of light, and is a great, portable, wide-range light source.  Its highest setting goes all the way up to 550 lumens, and can run up to ten hours on this setting!  Some of Streamlight’s other high lumens products include:

Streamlight’s high performance flashlights feature impressive battery times despite their size.  They are great portable tools to store in your vehicle in case of emergency, and provide fantastic downrange lighting for rescue and emergency situations.

High Powered LED Flashlights

High powered flashlights go beyond your standard keyring light, and are intended for low visibility situations that require optimum amounts of lighting.  In these situations, you need a powerful, high lumens flashlight, and battery products has got you covered.  We carry a wide range of exceptionally powerful LED flashlights that feature fantastic lighting and phenomenal battery times.  Whether you plan to spend your time out in the woods, or in the confines of a dark attic, Battery Supplies has everything you need to make your experience more comfortable.

Rechargable Streamlight High Lumens Flashlights

Reliable high-lumens flashlights, because of their intense energy requirements, are often difficult to find.  This is why Streamlight manufacturers only best of rechargeable high-lumens flashlights that feature impressive battery lives.  All of Streamlights high-lumens flashlights have multiple different power settings, so you can adjust the beam strength depending on the situation.  However, power means nothing if the flashlight is unable to provide users with the level of quality that they require.  We understand that when you need a flashlight, you need something that works.  This is why here at Battery Supplies we place our faith and reputation in the hands of Streamlight flashlights and accessories.

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