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AAA Batteries
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Wholesale E92 Energizer MAX AAA Battery Energizer® MAX E92 AAA Alkaline Batteries
$0.90 Save up to 36% on Bulk Orders
Energizer Rechargeable AAA NIMH Batteries (4-pack) - NH12BP4 Energizer Rechargeable AAA NIMH Batteries (4-pack) - NH12BP4
$16.67 Save up to 14% on Bulk Orders
PC2400 Alkaline Battery Duracell Procell AAA Alkaline Batteries PC2400 - Bulk Pricing
AAA EN92 Energizer Industrial Battery Energizer Industrial Alkaline AAA Battery - EN92
$0.60 Save up to 43% on Bulk Orders
Free Shipping
Energizer L92VP Ultimate Lithium AAA Battery Bulk - Single Energizer L92VP Ultimate Lithium AAA Battery Bulk 2350
$6,251.00 Save up to 9% on Bulk Orders
Out of Stock
RAYOVAC ULTRA PRO Alkaline AAA Batteries (18PK) - Bulk Pricing #RAYOVAC  Ultra Pro Alkaline AAA Batteries, 18-PK for sale online RAYOVAC ULTRA PRO Alkaline AAA Batteries (18PK) - Bulk Pricing
Free Shipping
Energizer Plug-In Battery Charger With 2 AA's (#CHVCWB2)
Energizer L92 Ultimate Lithium AAA Battery - Bulk Box Energizer L92 Ultimate Lithium AAA Battery - Wholesale Pricing
$3.22 Save up to 28% on Bulk Orders

Bulk & Wholesale AAA Batteries - Lithium & Alkaline Bulk Energizer and Duracell AAAs For Sale

Battery Products is your one-stop-shop for high-performance AAA batteries like Duracell and Energizer at unbeatable wholesale prices. Whether you need long-lasting lithium power or budget-friendly alkaline cells, we've got you covered with deep discounts on bulk orders. Stock up and save on the batteries you need to power all your devices for emergencies, outdoor adventures, or just a dead TV remote.

Place a Bulk Battery Order

Top 5 Benefits of Buying AAA Batteries in Bulk

  1. Maximize Cost Savings - Enjoy volume discounts of up to 20% off per-unit prices compared to smaller orders.
  2. Reliable Power Supply - Keep a steady stock of AAA cells on hand for your critical devices and emergency preparedness needs.
  3. Versatile Options - Choose from high-performance lithium or cost-effective alkaline AAA batteries to meet your specific power requirements.
  4. Reduced Environmental Impact - Minimize waste by purchasing batteries in bulk rather than individual packs.
  5. Wide-Ranging Applications - Power remote cameras, wireless controllers, flashlights, and more with our bulk AAA battery packs.

Bulk AAA Lithium Battery Pricing

Battery QuantityBattery Pricing
25 - 143 Batteries $2.71
144 - 432 Batteries $2.53
433+ Batteries $2.30

Bulk AAA Alkaline Battery Pricing

Battery QuantityAverage Battery Pricing
24 - 288 Batteries $.61
288 - 1008 Batteries $.51
1009+ Batteries $.48

*Place a bulk order for exact pricing of the battery you need*

What are AAA Batteries Used For?

AAA batteries are a versatile power source found in a wide range of everyday devices and applications. Lithium and alkaline AAA batteries each offer unique advantages.

Uses for Lithium AAA Batteries

  • Exceptional performance in high-drain, cold weather devices
  • Long runtime and extended shelf life compared to alkaline
  • Ideal for powering remote cameras, wireless controllers, and other critical electronics

Uses for Alkaline AAA Batteries

  • Cost-effective solution for high-volume, low to medium-drain uses
  • Powers TV remotes, clocks, flashlights, and other household items
  • Great for general-purpose applications where budget is a key factor

Whether you need the advanced performance of lithium or the budget-friendly reliability of alkaline, AAA batteries are essential for:

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