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Deer season is quickly approaching once again, the big one is out there and you've been watching your trail cams all year to figure out exactly where to put your stand. Your gear is ready, and after the ribbing your buddies gave you for letting him go last year, you’re determined. The last thing you need is to check your trail cam one last time to find low overnight temperatures rendered it useless. 

Cheap alkaline AA batteries may keep your trail cam working just fine throughout the summer. But as the weather changes, the quality of your trail cam batteries can be critical. Cheap alkaline batteries drain up to 3x faster when temperatures fall below freezing, and we know you need your trail cams running consistently. Rather than leaving it up to chance, check out these great battery options for cold weather-ready performance. 

1. Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Battery - L91

Energizer L91 Best Battery for Trail Cam
Energizer L91 Ultimate Lithium AA Battery
Reg: $5.95

If you’re looking for the best battery to keep your trail cam on all season, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA is our top performer. Lithium batteries fare significantly better in cold weather than any other standard battery type, and the Ultimate Lithium AA is rated for performance in temperatures as low as -40° F.

The cold temperatures still may require your lithium batteries to be charged more often during the winter, but unlike some other battery types, a rechargeable lithium battery can survive through the winter and remain effective when utilized properly.

The L91's high performance does come with a higher price tag, but Battery Products maximizes value for you by offering bulk pricing options. Our bulk pricing options keep cash in your pocket and provide you with a stash of the BEST cold-weather batteries available.

2. Energizer Industrial Alkaline AA Battery – EN91

Energizer Industrial EN91 Best Trail Camera Battery for Cold Weather
Energizer EN91 Industrial Alkaline AA Battery
Reg: $0.95

The Energizer Industrial Alkaline AA EN91 is specifically designed to operate in digital cameras and LED lights in low temperatures.

These heavy-duty alkaline batteries are your next best option after the L91s. They may not hold the same level of durability and performance, but the EN91s are rated for high performance in temperatures as low as 0° F. Extremely cold climates could diminish the EN91's lifespan to ⅓ of its normal lifespan.

In slightly milder climates that don’t spend excessive periods of time below freezing, however, the EN91s are more than capable of providing long-lasting performance in your digital trail cameras.

3. Energizer Max AA Alkaline Battery – E91

Energizer E91 Best AA Battery for Trail Cam Cold Weather
Energizer Max E91 AA Alkaline Batteries
Reg: $0.95

The Energizer Max E91 AA Alkaline batteries are another solid choice to provide high-performance power for your trail camera.

While the E91s are also rated for 0°F, they are not built to be quite as durable as the EN91s, and they are also not built to be specifically used in digital cameras. As temperatures get lower, the performance of an alkaline battery will continue to decrease.

The E91s may be a step below the two batteries listed above, but the 0°F rating still holds them head and shoulders above the rest of the field. Within climates that tend to stay above 0°F, these batteries will tough out cold temperatures as long as you will.

Batteries for Top Trail Cams

We’ve done the research, now choose between Energizer's L91, EN91 or E91 AA batteries for optimal compatibility and long-lasting performance with top trail cams such as: 

  1. Vikeri A1 Trail Camera 1520P 20MP
  2. WOSPORTS Mini Trail Camera 16MP 1080P HD
  3. Meidase P60 Trail Camera 32mp 1296p
  4. Bushnell Core DS-4K No Glow 32MP, 4k
  5. Spypoint Force-Pro, 30 MP, 4k
  6. GardePro E6 Trail Camera WiFi 24MP 1296P
  7. Moultriebrand Micro 42i Kit Trail
  8. CAMPARK 4K, 32 MP, Infrared Night Vision
  9. Wildgame Innovations Kicker 16MP, PIR Sensor

Lithium and cold-weather-rated alkaline batteries are the best-performing battery types for trail cams when temperatures start to get low. These battery types are the suggested power source for the top trail cam brands including Browning, Bushnell, Moultrie, Spypoint, Apeman, Reconyx, Tasco and Leupold. 

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