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Battery Products is the internet's top resource for bulk batteries. If you're looking for AAs, AAAs, C, D, or 9V batteries, stop looking. We offer batteries from industry leaders like Energizer, Rayovac, and Duracell at wholesale prices

We carry lithium, alkaline and rechargeable batteries for personal electronics, household appliances and anything else that needs juice to go. 

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Streamlight Flashlights for Sale Online

Streamlight Survivor 90540Check out the Streamlight Survivor.

Battery Products sells more than just the best batteries available on the market.  We also offer top-quality safety products for police officers, EMTs, firefighters, and everyday users.  Battery products is proud to be able to offer Streamlight flashlights, lanterns, and other personal lighting accessories.

Streamlight Flashlights are known for their excellent battery life, rugged products that can handle some of the roughest of elements, and the company offers products that are available for trained professionals who will use them most every day in their field, and residential owners who are simply looking to put together an earthquake disaster kit or need a light for automotive work in the garage.  We also carry an impressive line of extensive Streamlight conversion kits and accessories to update your current flashlight, or add on to your order to ensure that you have the perfect emergency lighting device.  Don’t forget to pick up some extra batteries for your Streamlight products as well!  There is nothing more frustrating than having a perfectly good Streamlight flashlight but no suitable batteries in sight.

We are currently number one Streamlight supplier in the Midwest area.  We only seek to carry the best flashlights available on the market, and Streamlight gives us the peace of mind in knowing that our reputation will stand strong with the magnitude of quality products we have to stand behind. There is a Streamlight flashlight for all applications, from fishing to fire and rescue. When you’re looking for the most reliable flashlight for survival situations, or a worry-free torch you can keep in your glove box, Battery Products will help you pick out the right Streamlight for the job.

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Best Streamlight Rechargeable & Replacement Batteries

You've bought the best flashlight you've ever had, now you've got to keep it bright and powerful. The flashlight needs juice and we know exactly what batteries are best to keep the juice flowing through Streamlight flashlights.

These are the best replacement & rechargeable batteries for Streamlight flashlights - from rechargeable battery sticks for unique Streamlight models to universal replacement CR123 batteries for TLR weapon lights


Industrial Batteries at Unbeatable Prices

Battery Products has the batteries you need available today. Our business has been family-owned and operated since 1984, providing the best prices and unbeatable customer service on all of our battery, flashlight and safety gear products.

When you order from Battery Products you always get individual service from a real person, over the phone and online. We still believe in family values like honesty and accountability to our customers.

We provide consumer and industrial-grade batteries to customers around the country from our battery distribution warehouse in Southeastern Wisconsin. Battery Products also builds custom battery packs to match OEM specifications. Email our battery pack experts for special orders and rush jobs.

Best 9V Smoke Detector Batteries

Replacing smoke detector batteries?

There's a lot of bad info out there about what batteries to use in your smoke detectors and lots of big unreliable promises about 10 year battery life thrown around. 

These are the best 9V smoke detector batteries you can buy for the best price vs. longest battery life. No miracle solutions here, just common sense and some tips for best managing your budget.

Get the BEST batteries for your trail camera in cold weather

Best AA Batteries for Trail Camera in Cold Weather

Battery Products, located in Hartland, Wisconsin, is no stranger to cold weather. We've got to be prepared for the cold like most hunters in the upper midwest and it's key to stay equipped with the best batteries for cold weather situations - whether it's in December or...May.

Hunters all over the country keep tabs on the animals in the area, keeping an eye on things using trail cams. When it gets cold, the batteries can fail and you'll lose track of what's happening on your property.

Never let that happen. Be prepared. These are some of the best AA batteries for trail cameras in cold weather.

Put the Best AA Batteries in your Xbox controller to game all night

Rechargeable Energizer Battery for Gaming Controllers

When you're in the middle of a match the last thing you want to see is "Controller Disconnected" pop up in front of you before you get killed, ruining a perfect K/D. If you need to game all night, make sure you have the best batteries for Xbox controllers.

The best part is, at Battery Products you can buy in bulk, so you'll never have to steal batteries from the TV remote ever again.

Keep the Lights On With the Best C Batteries for Flashlights

There are times when you don't want to be left in the dark, usually when you're reaching for a flashlight. Battery Products carries C batteries from a range of manufacturers for long storage, economical replacement & long life. Get the best C batteries for flashlights from battery products.

Outfitting a police station, crew of workers or an emergency kit? Buy C batteries in bulk to get the most for your money.

Get the Best Batteries for Wireless Mice To Keep Working

Wireless Mice are great for keeping a tangle-free workspace. By selecting the best batteries for your wireless mouse you can maximize their convenience. Work all day without throwing away money replacing batteries. Battery Products stocks long-lastine alkaline, lithium, and rechargeable batteries for wireless mice.

The BEST High-Drain Batteries for High-Demand Devices

High-drain devices can be extremely useful. But what’s the use of a dead Bluetooth speaker, portable gaming device, or digital camera? Absolutely nothing. Pick up the best batteries for your high-drain devices and keep them running longer. Battery Products offers lithium and high-drain alkaline batteries to keep your devices going.

Buy Energizer Batteries Online

AA Energizer Industrial BatteryAs Wisconsin’s #1 Energizer battery distributor we only sell the best products, and it is well known by battery experts that Energizer is a name that is often associated with being the absolute best of the best.  Our customers depend on quality, so we make that our central mission.  There are currently Energizer batteries that we have sold in use in the medical field, high precision aviation watches made for commercial watches, and in almost every area of industry imaginable.  They all choose Energizer products because they have the reputation to keep on going, and going, and going. 

We have all of the consumer and industrial Energizer battery products you would expect from a giant national battery distributor.  From tiny coin cell batteries that are difficult to find, to rugged long-lasting industrial alkaline batteries that are specifically designed to last longer under some of the most brutal of industrial circumstances. 

AA Energizer E91 BatteryWe also currently carry an impressive verity of Energizer headlamps, flashlights, and disposable LED lights.  Not only are they good products that stand behind the Energizer name, but they also utilize Energizer brand batteries to the max in order to increase productivity and eliminate the frustrations surrounding the inconveniences that accompany most battery usage. 

So, quit using cheap, mass produced, industrial batteries that are not only prone to leakage that can drastically damage the devices internal components, but they also are lucky to reach even a third of a name brand batteries life.  You deserve the best, and that is exactly what we here at BatteryProducts.com seek to provide.

We have all of the consumer and industrial battery products you would expect from a big national battery distributor, from AA Energizer Recharge Power Plus or Ultimate Lithium batteries to a complete selection of Vision sealed lead acid batteries.

Battery Products also sells a full range of cell phone and laptop batteries available for all of the newest and most popular digital devices, as well as hard-to-find batteries for legacy models.

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Our batteries don’t do any good sitting on our shelf when there are customers like you who could be using them. Battery Products offers same-day shipping anywhere in the USA on most orders placed before 3 PM Central Time Monday through Friday.

Motorola Two Way RadioTwo Way Radio Battery Distributor

Buy the top two way radio batteries on the market from Battery Products, Inc. Reliable replacement batteries for your two way radio are available from our online store. Dependable NiMH, NiCd or high capacity lithium ion replacement batteries are only a couple clicks away!

Best Pricing on Rayovac Batteries

We are proud to announce that we now sell a full line of Rayovac Batteries, many of them at bulk pricing. Rayovac is a trusted brand based out of Wisconsin. They've been producing some of the highest quality AA, AAA, C, D, & 9 Volt batteries on the market for over a century. For the first time on Battery Products you can now purchase their most popular lines of batteries including:


Quality and Integrity are the Backbone of Customer Service

Battery Products will not sell anything we wouldn’t trust at home. Many of our repeat customers are police officers, fire fighters and medical professionals who count on their battery-operated devices to protect lives and keep our communities safe.

We take pride in the fact they keep coming back to us because we’ve earned their trust.

To us, integrity means if we don’t have the right product for what you need, we’ll happily lead you to where you can find it, even if it means money out of our pocket. We sincerely believe we’re here to help our customers find exactly what they need, from rechargeable batteries to fire gloves and high-vis reflective clothing.

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