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Streamlight LED Headlamps for Contractors

In addition to their industry leading flashlights, Streamlight also has an entire line of LED headlamps.  Headlamps are the preferred hands-free lighting system for contractors, emergency responders, rescue teams, and more! They are perfect for lighting poorly lit attics and other tight spaces where a steady light source is an essential.  Some of Streamlight’s popular headlamp models include:

Streamlight has a whole host of alkaline and LED headlamps for contractors, hunters, and those who frequently handle hazardous materials.  They are a great piece of safety equipment, and make the perfect addition to any standard toolbox.

LED Headlights versus Tactical Flashlights

Many consumers often wonder if a LED headlight or a tactical flashlight better fits their needs.  In reality, it all depends on what you will be using the light for!  LED headlights, while some models may not generate as much power as a flashlight, allow for the user to have full access of their hands.  There is no need to tirelessly prop, position, and adjust your light on a stationary surface for better viewing.  With a headlamp, the light moves with you!  However, some users find the head strap to be a bit of an annoyance.  In that case we also have helmet lights that attach and detach from your standard work helmet with ease!

The Benefits of LED Headlamps

With LED lighting technology taking the flashlight and headlamp industry by storm, anyone in the market for a good light often finds themselves wondering about the differences in alkaline and rechargeable battery systems.  The one major benefit of alkaline batteries is that when you need a new charge, you simply discard the old batteries and add new ones.  There’s no placing the current battery on the charger while searching around for your replacement battery (if you bought one).  However, rechargeable batteries are more efficient, better for the environment, and with quick charge options available, charging is a breeze.  They also save you money on battery costs over time!  We highly recommend that anyone who will be using their new flashlight or headlamp frequently to invest in a Streamlight rechargeable product.  You’ll thank us in the end.

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