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9V Lithium Batteries
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Energizer 9V Advanced Lithium Batteries Energizer 9V Advanced Lithium Batteries LA522, L522
$19.58 Save up to 30% on Bulk Orders

Keep the smoke alarm powered for years with a 9 volt lithium battery.

Wholesale Pricing on Lithium 9Vs

You may be able to save some cash and go with alkaline 9 volt batteries for easy-to-reach detectors, but for the tougher alarms located high up or around stairs, we recommend the L522 9 volt Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery. Lithium batteries last longer and you don't need to swap in a new one every 6 months when the clocks change. Find out more about how to buy the best 9 volt smoke detector batteries.

Buy Bulk 9V Lithium Batteries

Keep your smoke alarms powered for years with the long-lasting 9V lithium batteries from Battery Products. Our wholesale pricing on lithium 9V batteries like the Energizer Ultimate Lithium L522 makes it affordable to equip even hard-to-reach detectors with these superior batteries that don't need replacing every 6 months. Whether for home smoke detectors or other 9V battery needs, Battery Products offers the best bulk deals to keep you prepared.

Place a Bulk Battery Order

9V lithium batteries are ideal for powering essential devices: 

  • Smoke alarms
  • Portable radios
  • Cameras with battery grips
  • Guitar pedals and effects units
  • Older computer peripherals
Shop all bulk 9V batteries for sale online from Battery Products.