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Streamlight RC123 RC123
Streamlight RC123 Recharcheable Battery RC123 RC123
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CR123 Battery Charger & 4 Rechargeable RC123 Batteries
CR123 Battery Charger & 4 Rechargeable RC123 Batteries RC123KIT
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Vantage 180 Helmet/Right-Angle Multi-Function Flashlight -Orange
Vantage 180 Helmet/Right-Angle Multi-Function Flashlight -Orange 88900
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Streamlight Super Siege Lantern - 44945 44945
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Buy Stinger®, Buckmasters® & Strion® Lights from Leading Streamlight Dealer

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Streamlight produces the best-performing professional-use flashlights and headlamps, hands-down. From police officers and firefighters to miners and hunters, more professionals who rely on their flashlights for survival choose Streamlight.

A quality Streamlight flashlight is available for numerous everyday applications, as well.

Streamlight flashlights are available in several intensities including Tradition, High Performance/High Lumen (HPL) and High Lumen (HL).

Learn more about Streamlight Flashlights:

Streamlight Tradition Series

The tradition series provides battery-friendly balance of beam length and peripheral light up to 300 meters.

Streamlight HL Series

The High Lumen (HL) series of flashlights from Streamlight offer a wide, bright peripheral light beam reaching 300+ meters (984+ feet). High Lumen lights provide maximum flood angle, illuminating an entire room with 500-800 lumens.

Streamlight HPL Series

HPL flashlights deliver maximum beam length, combined with a wide angle, perfect for inspecting long, narrow passages. HPL Beams reach up to 470+ meters (1542+ feet). 

Explore the differences between beam types and why choosing the right flashlight beam is important.

Streamlight Distributor in WisconeinStinger®

Rechargeable Stinger® flashlights come in a wide variety of models to suit your needs. Stinger® lights are constructed of machined aluminum or durable, corrosion-resistant nylon polymer. Choose between a standard xenon bulb, LED or super-intensity C4® LED offering up to a 50,000 hour lifetime. The included NiCad or NiMH batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times before needing to be replaced.


Streamlight has partnered with Buckmasters® to produce a series of flashlights and headlamps ideally suited for hunting enthusiasts. These flashlights will keep you safe while you’re on the hunt, and are available in blaze orange and REALTREE Hardwoods® camo. Safety-green LED lights are available. Bright green light will not compromise your night vision or spook wildlife.

Flashlights in Milwaukee Madison WisconsinSurvivor®, Knucklehead® & WayPoint®

Designed for use in hazardous situations, Survivor® and Knucklehead® flashlights will keep you safe when you need it most. These lights feature C4® LED providing up to 200 lumens of light in four settings: high-intensity for 3 to 4 hours of continuous use; low for up to 16 hours of runtime; flash for signaling up to 8 hours at a time; and moonlight, which will provide up to 20 days of low light for survival situations.

The WayPoint® and WayPoint® Rechargeable flashlight series provide reliable scene lighting in dark nighttime or underground areas. The WayPoint® flashlights feature a pistol grip along with a built-in stand.

For greater flexibility lighting large or small areas, choose Streamlight’s Portable Scene Light. This scene light can be set up and operational in under 30 seconds and extends vertically up to 6 feet. The rechargeable Portable Scene Light runs up to 5 hours continuously on the brightest setting and also includes a retractable 12V DC power cord for extended use.

Twin-Task® & Task-Light®

All battery-operated Twin-Task® and Task-Light® flashlights feature high-intensity C4® LED bulbs which are up to three times brighter than super high-flux LED bulbs. Red laser and UV light options are available. Twin-Task® and Task-Light® flashlights use AA, AAA, C or CR123A lithium batteries which are available online from Battery Products, Inc.

Handheld & Weapon Mounted Tactical Lights

Streamlight produces a full line of tactical handheld and weapon-mounted flashlights appropriate for first responders and outdoor enthusiasts. Hand-held tactical flashlights are the professional choice for primary and backup flashlights. All Streamlight tactical flashlights run on long-lasting lithium batteries.

Buy Streamlight Flashlights for Less from Battery Products, Inc.

Streamlight produces the best professional high-performance flashlights because they take the time to understand their customers’ needs. At Battery Products, we’re the same way. We take the time to help you pick the right product for exactly how you plan to use it.

Battery Products, Inc. offers unbeatable prices and same-day shipping on orders placed before 3 PM Central time Monday through Friday.

If you need help picking out the right light for the job, contact the Streamlight flashlight experts at Battery Products, Inc.
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