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CR123A Batteries
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What is a CR123A Battery?Energizer lithium CR123A batteries in bulk

The CR123A battery (also known as the 123A battery) is commonly used in high-performance devices such as cameras, flashlights, and medical equipment. It's a popular choice for devices that require high energy output thanks to the cylindrical shape and 3V voltage output.

Uses of CR123A Batteries

CR123A batteries are used in a myriad of devices that require a high energy output and long battery life, including:


CR123A batteries are a popular choice among photographers who need dependable power for their gear. They have a high energy output and long shelf life, so they're ready to go when it's time to shoot.

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Because CR123A batteries have a high energy output, they are an excellent choice for high-performance flashlights used by law enforcement, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Medical devices

Excellent dependability and long shelf life make CR123A batteries the ideal choice for blood glucose meters and pulse oximeters.Rechargeable CR123A batteries

CR123A Battery Specifications

CR123A Battery Spec Table
Diameter 17 mm (0.67 inches)
Length 34.5 mm (1.36 inches)
Voltage 3 volts
Operating Temperature -4°F to 140°C
Capacity 1400mAh to 1800mAh

Safety Considerations for CR123A Batteries

While CR123A batteries are generally safe, some precautions must be taken to avoid accidents. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. High temperatures should be avoided as they can cause the battery to leak or explode
  2. It is not safe to recharge or dispose of the battery in a fire
  3. If you mix new and used batteries in a device, the battery may leak or explode
  4. Keep the batteries cool and dry, away from direct sunlight
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