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Battery Products carries a wide range of replacement Apple batteries and chargers for all major iPhone models.  After enough standard charges even the best of batteries is going to need replaced eventually.  However, the prices on direct from the factory batteries are often highly inflated, yet cheap chargers and batteries found on gas station shelves can often damage your Apple device.  Battery Products on the other hand, carries top-notch replacement and aftermarket batteries that are guaranteed to hold a full charge, are safe for your device, and are all-around quality components whose quality simply cannot be matched by two-dollar gas station knock offs.

We have batteries compatible with major iPhone models including the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and older Apple smartphones as well.  In addition to batteries and outlet chargers check out some of our Apple accessories as well.  We carry battery cases, replacement kits, car chargers, and everything you need to insure that your battery stays functional and fully charged.