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Streamlight FireBox
NEW Replace your old Streamlight Firebox flashlight bulbs with newly released upgraded LED bulbs.
LED spot (45845) and flood (45842) bulbs are direct fit replacements offering more light and durability.
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Whether you are in search of a vehicle mount flashlight or LED upgrade kit for a Firebox flashlight you may already have, Streamlight has the products for you. Perfect for firefighters, outdoorsmen, and construction sites, Streamlight FireBox flashlights provide you with 50,000 hours of life and smooth flood patterns. Even though Streamlight does not have any free flashlights sold online, the FireBox series can give you the freedom you need to travel safely through poorly lit parts of any building or environment.

The best flashlights sold online come from Battery Products. Our collection of Streamlight FireBox flashlights and batteries can give you an advantage on any worksite. If you work with construction workers, contractors, or firefighters, tell your colleagues about the FireBox series from Streamlight. Although these flashlights are great for any work environment, you may be looking for something else. If so, check out Battery Products selection of additional lighting tools and equipment, including:

Streamlight Firebox LED Upgrade Kits

Reuse your current incandescent-based Firebox lanterns with an upgrade to LED spot or flood bulbs. Direct fit replacement bulbs turn your lanterns into a serious flashlight with a 50,000 hour lifetime and the bright white illumination you can expect from the power of LED technology.

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To get your hands on the FireBox flashlights sold online from Streamlight, check out our products above.