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Energizer Industrial Alkaline 9V Battery - EN22

Part Number: EN22
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Product Details

Energizer Industrial 9V EN22 Alkaline Batteries At Wholesale Prices

Battery; Alkaline; 9V; 625 mAh Metal Case. The battery many manufactures us in the medical, fire safety, and smoke alarms.

Used in smoke alarms, wireless microphones, guitar pedals, in-ear monitors, hand-held devices, radios, portable transmitters, & security back-up systems.

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View the MSDS/datasheet from Energizer: click here to download (PDF).

Energizer EN22 specs:

Classification Alkaline
Chemical system Zinc-Manganese Dioxide, No added mercury or cadmium
Designation ANSI-13A, IEC-LR20
Nominal voltage 1.5 volts
Nominal IR 200 to 400 milliohms (fresh)
Operating temp -18C to 55C (0F to 130F)
Typical weight 139g (4.9oz)
Typical volume 56.0 cubic cm (3.4 cubic inch)
Jacket Plastic label
Shelf life 10 years at 21C
Terminal Flat contact

This is one of the best 9 volt smoke detector batteries on the market today. A very popular, reliable choice.

What's the difference between Energizer Industrial 9 Volt batteries and other 9V's?

Sometimes it's only the packaging. Between brands there are differences in amp-hours and other technical details. Read on for what makes Energizer Industrial 9V batteries different from Energizer Max, Lithium & Duracell Procell batteries.

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