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Choose the BEST Streamlight rechargeable LED Stinger flashlight for YOU.What is the best Streamlight Stinger Flashlight

Determine the best Stinger flashlight for your application based on max lumens & candela, beam distance, battery life & price:

from $112.94

Streamlight Stinger modelLumensCandelaBeamBattery LifeLengthPrice
Ultrastinger® LED 1,100 65,000 510m 1.5hr 11.82"  from $112.94
Stinger® HPL LED 800 48,000 438m 1.5hr 9.23" from $130.25
Stinger DS® HPL 800 48,000 438m 1.5hr 9.65" from $140.95
Polystinger® LED 385 26,000 322m 2hr  8.07" from $82.08
Polystinger DS® LED 385 26,000 322m 2hr  8.64" from $105.05 
Stinger® LED 350 24,000 310m 2hr  8.41" from $99.95 
Stinger LED HL® 800 24,000 310m 1.5hr  8.41" from $110.18 
Stinger DS® LED 350 24,000 310m 2hr  8.85" from $105.26 
Stinger DS LED HL® 800 24,000 310m 1.5hr  8.85" from $120.10 
Stinger® Classic 390 13,200 230m 1.75hr  7.65" from $97.93 

** All values based on highest power setting. Sorted by max candela.


Lumens: the total output of the bulb (focus not considered).

Candela: Measure of the brightest spot in a focused beam.

If you’re looking to illuminate a large room or field, you’ll want to favor lumens. If you want an extremely bright focused beam, favor candela (Ultrastinger, Stinger HPL or DS HPL).

The Streamlight Ultrastinger LED nearly runs the table...the catch? It's really big.

At first glance, it sure looks like the Ultrastinger runs away from the pack, but not everyone is eager to carry around a foot-long flashlight. The Stinger DS and HPL models are the next level in lumens but are several inches shorter and several ounces lighter.

Read on to find the best Stinger flashlight options that are a little easier to holster on your belt.

The best Stinger flashlight by high lumens

Best Streamlight Stinger Flashlight in Lumens

The Stinger LED HL is one of the BEST stinger flashlights in terms of lumens.

It’s a 4-way tie for first (after the Ultrastinger, of course):

All are capable of 800 lumens.

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The best Stinger flashlight by max candela

Best Streamlight Stinger Flashlight in Candela

The Stinger HPL is one of the BEST stinger flashlights in terms of candela.

This time it’s a two way tie atop the leaderboard:

The Stinger HPL and Stinger DS HPL both boast a max candela of 48,000.

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The best Stinger flashlight by beam distance

Best Streamlight Stinger Flashlight in Beam Distance

The Stinger HPL flashlight is one of the BEST stinger flashlights in terms of beam distance.

Once again we have a two way tie between:

Both reach up to 438 meters in beam distance. Once again at a lower price the Stinger HPL wins out in beam distance per dollar at ~4.6m per dollar spent. If portability and beam distance is your priority, the Stinger HPL is your best choice. 

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The best Stinger flashlight by max battery life

Best Streamlight Stinger Flashlight for Battery Life

The Stinger LED flashlight is one of the BEST stinger flashlights in terms of battery life/dollar.

Four Stinger flashlights last up to 7.25 hours on the lowest setting:

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AC & DC chargers for Streamlight Stinger flashlights

Be ready to charge your Stinger in any situation:

Shop replacement batteries & parts for Streamlight Stinger flashlights.

Warranty information

Streamlight provides a lifetime warranty except for batteries & bulbs, abuse, and normal wear. Get more details on their warranty from their official website.

Affordable HPL Stinger Flashlights

Streamlight Stinger flashlights are the most widely recognized model of flashlight on the market. Professionals consider them to be the pinnacle of what it means to be the ideal, heavy-duty flashlight. With most Stinger models reaching up to 1,000 lumens at their highest setting, Stinger flashlights feature all the power you need in a durable, dependable, and size efficient package that conveniently fits into any trunk, emergency bag, or toolbox.  The Stinger’s battery life is second to none and comes in different lighting settings that let you conserve your battery to the fullest. Battery Products also offers complete flashlight packages that feature quick charge and other convenient, on-the-go options.

Rechargeable Streamlight HL Series Emergency Lights

Streamlight has taken their traditional Stinger flashlight and converted it to rechargeable LED lighting design. LED lighting provides users with a brighter, more concentrated beam that uses only a fraction of the battery power. LED lighting has revolutionized the flashlight and tactical light industry. Companies like Streamlight are now able to offer top-notch, high-powered flashlights without the worry of replacement bulbs, batteries, and other hassles that come with standard lighting systems.

Thanks to the latest innovations in LED lighting technology, Streamlight stinger flashlights are better than ever before. Their traditional design combined with a rechargeable battery make the Stinger one of the best multi-purpose flashlights on the market. It is a favorite of law enforcement, emergency personnel, construction contractors, and anyone depending on their flashlight to do their job RIGHT.

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