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Discount Streamlight Flashlight Products 

A Streamlight flashlight is a finely tuned piece of illumination hardware that is built with only the highest quality standards in mind.  Streamlight is one of the most highly recognizable flashlights on the market, and they are well known for their:

Streamlight flashlights are trusted by first responders and emergency personnel nationwide.  Their level of dependability and heavy duty construction make them some of the most affordable and well-built brands of flashlights available. 

Affordable Streamlight Stinger LED Flashlights

The Streamlight Stinger, one of the most popular models of flashlights of all time, has proven its reliability in the field time, and time again.  The Stinger rechargeable, LED tactical light is a preferred flashlight among patrol policemen everywhere.   Its rugged design mixed with the latest in LED technology offers emergency personnel and other users a truly versatile flashlight for any situation.  They are perfect for the glovebox of your personal vehicle, make a great addition to any emergency kit, and are phenomenal lights to have laying around the house in the case of a power outage. 

Streamlight LED Flashlight Technology

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology gives consumers a super bright, energy efficient light whose glow is superior to that of traditional bulbs, AND provides a longer lasting battery.  In addition to flashlights, Streamlight also makes fantastic, hands-free, LED headlamps.  Streamlight LED headlamps are great for construction workers who need to crawl around in attics and other tight places, and anyone else who may need to spend a lot of time in dimly light confined areas.  The Septor 61007 with alkaline batteries is one of Streamlights more popular headlamps, and features a full 7 LED beam with up to 150 hours of run time on a single charge.  This allows you to properly store and use your new headlight without the fear of running out of battery!

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