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PS640, CP645, Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Part Number: PS640
SKU: PS640

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Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery 


  • VoltageL 6 volt
  • Amp Hours: 4.510
  • Terminal: F1,
  • Dimensions: 2.76 L, 1.85 W, 4.17 H. 


44007, PRB64T, DMU6-6, LCR064R2P, LCR06V4P, NP3-6,PS630,PE6V/4.5,JC640, 1000010145, 1000010148, YT645, 1000010149, 12-255, 12-295, 6M1, M1, M126, Q4, Q5, CE1-5AA, CE1-5BF, CE1-5BK, CE1-5BL, CE1-5BN, CE1-5BS, YT-645, ELB0604, ELB0605, 26-2, 26-02, 26-78, 26-117, NP4-6, SPV6F1, DG6-5, BP5-6,026-117, 730001A, 44007, ELB06042,BL930007,LCR6V4BP, ROBO DUCK,JL3XM4, ELB0642, ELB0604,ELB0605,0120255, ELM2, 44007, AS00209, JL3-XM-4, RBC1 For any BK200 or BK200B, please verify battery configuration before purchasing. To verify, open the battery door and check the number of batteries inside the unit. If your unit has one battery, you will need (1)RBC2 unit. If your unit has two batteries, you will need (1)RBC1 unit. WKA6-5F, LCR606P, GP645, BP4.5-6, HK-3FM4.5

The #1 Robo Duck battery.

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Lifetime Warranty!

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